11th 13th March 2014

The Summit

11th 13th March 2014

NG Telecoms APAC 2014

Summit Venue

The NGT APAC brings together the telecom sector’s leading innovators to share ideas on the deployment of mobile, broadband and fixed services within a rapidly converging market.

White Papers

JDSU - Optimizing Small Cells and the Heterogeneous Network (HetNet)

Many say the cost of deploying a small cell could be more than the small cell itself. Getting the planning aspects right are fundamental to managing the valuable spectrum efficiently and effectively. Small cells are proliferating and investment is growing in every aspect. So are the various new business models surrounding the technology—managed services maintaining the HetNet are being pitched to various operators on a global basis.

JDSU - Customer Experience Assurance (CEA)

Can you afford to store all the data all the time ? Statistics show that on average Service Providers retrieve less than 5% of stored data . Why then does one need to store 95% of the data. Cost of storage, processing servers etc are exorbitant. Secondly what is relevant today in terms of traffic patterns/applications maybe irrelevant tomorrow. How does one dynamically manage priorities be it a specific new phone launch which is crucial for the first few weeks/months and then something else becomes a priority. JDSU launches a game changing approach towards managing big data and network/service enablement.

JDSU - Radio Access Networks

With the advent of LTE, RAN resource sharing, indoor coverage, stadium, train station environment etc., signal interference can be a big challenge. Do it right the first time when you install radio sites and ensure optimum coverage and weed out interference.